At Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd we design and install CCTV systems that range from simple camera and monitor observation systems to fully functional pan, tilt and zoom CCTV systems. Recording can be via digital recording facilities and IP server systems, and or off site Control and Monitoring CCTV Systems.

All of the CCTV Systems are compliant with the SSAIB Code of Practice and The Home Office Recommendations and Code’s of Practice. We install CCTV Systems through the United Kingdom.

Ablaze Building Solutions see the advantage of both Analogue and IP CCTV technology and recognise that a hybrid system, may in some cases be the best choice, allowing a phased upgrade of existing systems.

Our services include:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Video Analytics
  • Monitored CCTV Systems
  • Safeguard against theft on-site
  • Deter vandalism and criminal activity

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CCTV systems
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