Intruder Alarms

Our Intruder alarms are designed and installed in compliance to EN50131, PD6662, and NACP11.

We design, install, maintain and service intruder and burglar alarm systems throughout the United Kingdom. We install small commercial intruder alarm systems and also high tech multi-user controlled systems which can be fully integrated with access control and or CCTV.

All of our intruder and burglar alarm systems can be monitored 24/7. If your alarms are activated, the key-holder responsible would be informed immediately.

We always comply with the insurance companies regulations and liaise with our customers to ensure these regulations are carried out on the insurance company’s behalf.

All of your design proposals are subject to European Standard EN50131, DD243 and PD6662 Intruder Alarm Policies.

Since our inception, Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd have worked closely with local police forces across the United Kingdom and confirm that our clients can maintain a police response if required.

All of our service and maintenance visits are carried out as per our ISO : 9001 procedures.

Our services include:

  • Monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Compliant with insurance company regulations
  • Monitored by UK Based Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Designed to European Standard Intruder Alarm Policies
  • Can be fully Integrated with CCTV and or Access Control

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