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Disabled Alarms

BS8300:2009 requires each disabled toilet to be fitted with a suitable alarm, the key features being:


  • Emergency red pull cord must be provided with two 50mm diameter red loops.
  • Must enable calls for assistance to be made, even if the person has fallen to the floor
  • An audible/visual indication positioned in a main office or reception area
  • One alarm must be installed in each disabled toilet cubicle
  • Calls to be cancelled down at origin (ensuring a call cannot be cancelled without being attended to)


All of Ablaze Building Solutions assistance call, disabled toilet alarms, staff attack and nurse call systems are compliant to relevant British and European Standards.


All assistance call, disabled WC alarms, staff attack and nurse call systems service and maintenance visits are carried out as per our ISO 9001:2008

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Disabled Solutions

Disabled Refuge

The safe evacuation of any building has always been a challenge to the emergency services. The safety of the disabled who are often unable to self-evacuate efficiently has always been important. Problems have often surfaced when trying manually handle disabled persons, especially down sets of stairs.A solution comes in the form of temporary areas of safety which are known as refuge areas. The disabled person who is in need of assistance is helped to the nearest refuge area to await evacuation.


When an emergency occurs staff will evacuate wheelchair-restricted customers to a refuge area. Staff will then activate the Refuge Area Remote Unit, which lights a Refuge Occupied indicator on main Control Panel. The Fire Officer is then able to communicate with the occupants of the refuge areas. Each activated disabled refuge system has an auto listening facility to monitor activity in the Refuge Area. As each disabled person is moved to safety, the system can be reset via a key operated switch on the Refuge Area Remote Unit / Outstation. Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd provide Disabled Refuge and EVC Systems throughout the United Kingdom.

Our disabled refuge services include:

  • Compliance with British and European Standards
  • 24-hour call out service
  • Emergency 4 hour response (out of hours)
  • Diagnostic checks carried out during maintenance visits

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